Straight from the Source


“The Absolute Speech & Language therapist that serves several children in our classroom is very in touch with the children’s needs. She is always professional and has a loving and caring attitude no matter what mood the child is in. The therapist is very patient. She also communicates well with parents and teachers as to the progress of the child.”

Ms. Melanie and Ms. Joy, Teachers

I contacted our therapist a few months ago to work with my 3 year old daughter since she has a speech delay. I work full time and have my daughter in full time daycare so I do not have time to transport her to additional locations in order to get her help. Our therapist comes to her daycare 2 times a week to meet with her and those are two of the brightest spots in my daughter’s week. Our therapist makes speech therapy fun and gives me a very detailed progress report after each session so I’m in the loop as well. Our daughter has enjoyed it and has made such noticeable progress since they began working together. I have not only seen improvements in her speech but also her self-esteem, which warms my heart because ebvery parent wants that for their child. Instead of us reading to her at night, she likes to pretend to “read” her books to us now. She used to get frustrated because she could not get others to understand her. She has more quality interactions with her siblings, peers, and us now that she is gaining the ability to use her words and be understood. I would highly recommend Absolute Speech & Language Therapy to anyone who is in need of this type of service. It’s not just a business-they really truly care about your child. I couldn’t be happier!

S. Mattin-Parent

My son has been coming to Absolute Speech & Language Therapy for the past 5 years. When he first started therapy, he was only able to say a few words. Now he is able to speak in conversations and be understood. They also helped to diagnose him with Apraxia of Speech. I am thankful I found them! They have been understanding and patient with my son. They always provide excellent service. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. Everyone here has provided a friendly atmosphere. It has been a great and positive experience!

H. Laurio-Parent

Before speech therapy, I was so concerned about my son’s speech delay and his frustration about not being understood broke my heart. He’s been seen twice a week for the past few months and his accomplishments have been amazing! Everyone I have dealt with at Absolute Speech & Language Therapy has been so nice and helpful. My son’s therapist has not only made him feel important but has made me feel like a priority as well. I am so thankful for this wonderful establishment.

C. Shearin-Parent

We are teachers at a daycare and we love the therapist that comes to our center. We can always count on her to be on time and here every week to work with our children that need speech. She is always open and communicates with us about the children’s goals and progress. We can see a big difference in our children throughout the school year.

Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Kimberly-Teachers

As a childcare provider, I appreciate having our therapist come to our center. All of our children love her and you can tell she genuinely loves working with them. She takes the time needed for each child she sees and is able to help them with their specific communication needs. She is a great asset to this program.

Mrs. Coreen-Teacher